Use CBD Oil to Hit the Golf Ball Longer

It's Time To Throw Every Single Game Improvement Gadget In The Trash!

Amateur and pro golfers both have one thing in common: they always want consistent long drives that keep them in the middle of the fairway so they have the potential to make par or better. In order to drive a golf ball further with more  consistency over 18 holes of play, you need to be physically fit and focused on your game. Keep reading to find out how CBD improves and hacks you way to  drives that ultimately results in hitting the golf ball longer and straighter.

PROSHOTCBD Tips for Longer Drives

If you’ve been trying and failing to drive the golf ball further and straighter even with the latest, newest golf driver, you’re not alone. There are many golfers just like you that have spent a small fortune on game improvement clubs and the latest driver to it the pro shops. However generally the results are no different. But with CBD oil the results that are being talked about globally are increased distance and accuracy of drives.

So how do we suggest you use CBD oil? 

For the best results, we recommend a dosage of CBD 30 minutes prior to tee off and the following five tips on how to hit a long straight drive every time:

  1. Take CBD 30 minutes before tee-off
  2. Purchase a resistance band and stretch the upper and lower body.
  3. Visualize the shot before you hit it… Focus on the ball path.
  4. Stay loose in the swing and remove tension in the body.
  5. Sip water between holes to maintain hydration.. just a 1% drop in hydration equals massive performance loses.
  6.  BONUS TIP: Use CBD oil every 9 holes.

CBD helps muscles to relax faster, which generates more powerful swings. Muscle stiffness can be a golfer’s worse nightmare, it creates pain throughout your entire body, which directly impacts the way you hit the golf ball.


CBD Oil for Pain Relief






Forget about the gimmicks you see on TV, there’s a new tool currently sweeping the golfing industry. CBD is now more mainstream on the PGA Tour than ever before. Pro golfers using and endorsing CBD products for pain relief include Andrew Stephens, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Tiger Woods, and many more.

CBD doesn’t get you high, instead it can provide pain relief for your chronic pain and reduces stress. It’s unsure if this is due to the placebo effect or the actual properties that the compound has, but either way, pro golfers describe CBD as a secret weapon used to treat a variety of ailments that include, but are not limited to the above.

CBD allows you to play with less pain and stiffness, which enables your body to rotate in a full range of motion for hitting longer drives.

Buy CBD?

Here at PROSHOTCBD our commitment to high-quality CBD products and customer service rivals our closest competitors. Every product sold at PROSHOTCBD is subjected to third-party analytical laboratory testing, ensuring the potency and safety of our CBD products. 

If you are living with a variety of health conditions and want to drive the golf ball longer, buy one of our high-quality CBD products today and get the power you need for longer drives.

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