Lower Your Handicap With Less Stress on the Course

We won't lie the club isn't the issue, it's the person holding the club AKA you.

Although lowering your handicap will make you a shoot lower on the golf course, stress can massively impact your shots and gross score when it’s all said and done. Stress is not a golfer’s friend by any means, it can create frequent trips to the woods and sand traps, affecting your handicap. So, how do you lower your handicap enough to start taking the winnings at the next stableford tournament? Keep reading to discover the answer.

Use CBD for a Lower Handicap Score

CBD contains many beneficial compounds for golfers form beginner to pro. Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, there has been an influx of golfers taking CBD tinctures and oils. A compound derived from cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) has the calming and soothing properties of cannabis with one exception, it doesn’t get you high.

Despite the PGA’s disapproval, many PGA golfers are taking CBD to combat stress and stay competitive including Scott McCarron, Charlie Hoffman, Tiger Woods, and several others.

CBD Reduces Stress During Play

Since CBD is known for reducing stress, it can lower your handicap by keeping your mind clear and focused, which results in better shot selections and lower scores. If you show up to the course stressed and under pressure to perform, your handicap stands a good chance of increasing along with a bucket full of bad shots.

1. Reduces Anxiety

Stress is known to cause anxiousness, which creates increased heart palpitations, stiff muscles, and poor shots. Anxiety affects both amateurs and pros. During the 2014 Open, Jay Yarrow from Business Insider suggested that Tiger Woods had both the putting yips and the driver yips. If you’re unfamiliar with the yips, it means your putting and driving is affected due to a mental block that results in muscle spasms, causing you to miss easily hit shots.

Today, Woods uses and actively endorses CBD products because he believes that CBD gets you “in the zone.” It calms your mind until you’re thinking about nothing but golf. Your body will instinctively fall into its natural state and you’ll be hitting on par or below in no time. Say goodbye to your high handicap index with a wide range of CBD products available at PROSHOTCBD.

2. Offers Pain Relief

Playing golf is more physically demanding than most people give it credit for. It may not be as exhausting as playing full-court basketball, but it certainly uses every muscle in your body. When it comes to golf, the three muscles that are used the most include your glutes, hamstrings, and core.

If you’re playing with chronic pain, it can affect your handicap and entire time on the course. Using CBD has been shown to help you to stay focused, prevents injury, and adds consistency and power to your game while reducing chronic pain symptoms.

Where Do the Pros Get Their CBD Products?

Here at PROSHOTCBD, we are dedicated to providing superior quality in every CBD product we stock, and we only stock the very best of products. 

We provide golfers with CBD oils tinctures and gummies that are lab-tested and made from the highest quality of hemp oils. Buy any CBD product today at PROSHOTCBD and potentially lower your handicap within one round with less stress on the course.

Lower your stress and handicap

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