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What Is CBD?

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First up, we have created 3 products that cover off all your needs. For the novice to CBD oil we have a 500mg CBD Oil tincture. The intermediate we have the ‘best seller’ 750mg CBD Oil and for the experienced user we have a 1000mg 99%+ Purity pure CBD Oil.

Let’s make this super simple. Add a few drops of our 500mg CBD Oil below the tongue 20 minutes before your round and on once you get onto the 10th tee. We want to keep everything super simple so that you can get using CBD fast and loving the benefits

You’re a very smart golfer. You know golf is in the head and in the body. Your swing and your body versus the ball. That new ‘game improver’ driver isn’t going to swing itself to 300+ yards and stay straight, but you are.

CBD [cannabidiol] oil is a natural occurring and found in the flower and leaves of the cannabis plant [hemp plant]. CBD has a rich history in medicine for the use in pain relief going back thousands of years. ProShotCBD products are not marijuana. There is a misconception that medical marijuana is the same as CBD oil…. This is not true. Our CBD products contain zero THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) THC is the compound that many will refer to that gets you ‘stoned’. We have removed all THC so you only get the best CBD oil benefits. Ok that’s the basics, how do you benefir from it?

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Charlie Hoffman, Lucas Golfer just to name a few are using CBD oils, CBD chewing gums and CBD gummies.

CBD CAN RELIEVE PAIN – If you body is working at full efficiency how can you deliver the club face to the ball for those straight long shots? CBD Oil can help you drive and putt more consistently leaving the dropped shots for your playing partners. 

2. CBD POTENTIALLY REDUCES ANXIETY – First tee nerves add, on average, 3 shots to a golfers final score. What about those long iron shots over water? CBD oil has the potential to help you focus on perfecting that tee shot or shot over water.

3. CBD MAY HELP REDUCE FATIGUE – Research suggest that the average golfer drops 4-5 shots in the last 4 holes of a 18 hole round. CBD oil might just be your secret weapon to stay energised till the last putt on the 18th green.

4. CBD MAY BENEFIT MUSCLE RECOVERY – Hitting those 300+ bombs with the driver requires your muscles to work on all cylinders. CBD oil could help your body to recover faster behind holes so that your are at 100% each driving hole.

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Harvard Health report on what we know and don’t know about CBD – click here 

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Damn right it is, real golfers not paid actors are hitting drivers as accurate as their 7 iron with more consistency and not feelings those late round pains and aches. Think about it, it makes total sense, the design of the club is going to do nothing unless your mind and body are totally focused on delivering any club to the back ball at the perfect angle and speed. That’s the beauty of this new phenomenon CBD!

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